THB Advisory LLC

THB Advisory LLC
(917) 327-7981
  • Market research
  • Business plan development & review
  • Risk allocation review & negotiation
  • Debt structuring advice
  • Credit analysis
  • Credit rating & credit enhancement applications & negotiation
  • Federal and State loan and grant applications & negotiation (e.g., TIFIA, RRIF, BUILD, State Infrastructure Bank)
  • Procurement of other finance team members (e.g., technical consultants, legal counsel, bond underwriters, trustee)
  • Document review & negotiation
  • Assistance with financial close
THB Advisory LLC provides each client services that are tailored to the unique nature of each project and to the skills and experience of the other members of the finance team. 
I ensure no actual, or any appearances of, conflicts of interest.​

My Skills and Experience
Subcontract with a Network of Experienced Specialists
  • ​Quantitative analysis
  • Review of project delivery & legal options
  • Debt & swap pricing review & advice
Committed to helping my clients meet and exceed their objectives

Please contact me with any questions concerning my expertise or availability for a project